A Recipe for True Success

You are not defined by a single noble act or a single wretched act.  Rather, you are defined -

for better or worse - by the settled practice of your life, by the habits that direct your behavior

every day.  Aristotle said, We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an

act, but a habit.”


In 2Peter 1:5-7, Peter lists eight qualities that should define us.  Peter assures us that if we make

these qualities ours and are growing in them:  we will be effective, fruitful Christians (2Pet. 1:8);

we will make our “calling and election sure”; and we will “never fail” in our Christian walk (2Pet.



The first of these eight qualities is 1.) faith:  believing in God and trusting him enough to obey

him.  To faith, Peter says we should add 2.) virtue or moral excellence:  a commitment to

unconditionally obeying God.  To virtue, Peter says we should add 3.) knowledge of God’s

word.  We can’t obey God if we don’t know what he has called us to do.  To knowledge Peter

says we should add 4.) self- control, the strength to obey God even when we don’t want to.  To

self-control, Peter says we should add 5.) steadfastness or patience: continuance of

obedience to God despite the difficulties and hardships that obedience brings.  To steadfastness,

Peter says we should add 6.) godliness:  the love, respect, and reverence for God and like-mindedness with God that makes us

want to please him and imitate him.  To godliness, Peter says we should add 7.) brotherly

affection: a fondness for our fellow believers that will lead us to seek out their company,

encourage them, and be encouraged by them.  To brotherly kindness, Peter says we should add

8.) agape love:  an unwavering commitment to please God and treat all people well.  Agape

love led Jesus to die for our sins.


Be an effective, fruitful, successful Christian.  Make these eight qualities yours. -Paul

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